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Day-long workshops for white-identified folks

to dive deeply & courageously

into exploring topics of racism, oppression, & privilege. 

What to Expect

  • Deep connection and relating to people across identities about oppression and liberation

  • Self-inquiry and witnessing others in deep inquiry

  • Collaborative, innovative, and participatory group work and conversation.

  • Intimate, deep, and thoughtful work in pairs/dyads.

  • Being physical & in close proximity with others (consent-based; no intensive exercise, at max we will be        doing light yoga stretches that will be made accessible for everyone in the room)

  • Expanding your ability to sit with discomfort

  • Using your voice in various ways to express and discharge emotions

  • Learning to more deeply hold Black stories, pain, and resilience



Confidentiality and Respect

  • What happens here stays here

  • Ask permission to share others experiences


Active Listening

  • Listen with compassion and practice non-judgment

  • Stay present in each moment


Encourage Brave Space

  • Support each other in digging deeper and allowing ourselves to get messy

  • Vulnerability is encouraged

  • Practice being brave in this space so we can be more skillful and courageous outside this space

Take Space, Give Space

  • Self check-ins around taking up space and giving space for others


Choice to Participate

  • Participation is always your choice

  • We strive to create an environment where you can feel comfortable participating to whatever degree is possible in each moment.


Mindful Engagement

  • Both/And concepts (avoid rigid black and white thinking)

  • Try to speak in first person…from your personal experience

to set up a Workshop with us.

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