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Businesses and Organizations

We work with organizations and businesses to create long-term change. We prioritize longer relationships over one-off trainings.

For all organizations, we create custom programming based on the specific issues you all are facing, but generally we start with an Internal Equity Map: focused on building strong foundations of relationship within the organization and normalizing conversation and difference around oppression across different identities. We care for the staff's relationships with each other while talking about oppression. We move at the pace of building trust around this material. 

We do not use shame and blame in doing this work, but model self-inquiry, naming and noticing as instigators of change. 

Then we move towards an External Equity Map: After building relationship and skills within the organization, we look at any deeper work you all are doing externally as an organization to build your anti-oppression work from there. This can involve working with your community or clients around race and LGBTQ issues. 

We have worked with:

  • School districts

  • Therapists and Therapy Institutes

  • Universities

  • Hospitals

  • Medical practices

  • Policy organizations

  • Environmental consultants

  • Cideries and restaurants

  • And more

Please fill out the form below to contact us and see if our organizations may be a good fit for each other.

Deep Reach for Businesses and Organizations: Initial Inquiry

The questions below are the building blocks of our ability to customize curriculum and directly support your organization in dismantling oppression.This allows us to build custom curriculum that addresses your organization’s unique story around race, gender, and sexual orientation.


We invite you to be as honest as possible in answering this initial questionnaire. We do not use shame or blame when working with people. We understand that oppression has been embedded in our culture and that dismantling it is a messy process. Your unedited answers will be held with care and an intention of healing. We will contact you after reviewing the information from your answers.

What topics are you looking for support around?
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