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Holistic Resistance has been bringing practice and action together in yoga communities across the country. With an emphasis on personal relationship and closeness, we aim to build life-long connections and transformation. Our approach in these workshops combines deeply honoring the healing power of yoga and disrupting the unconscious patterns of racism in our communities and individual selves.


We are committed to questioning what is possible within our yoga communities, activist spaces, and movements for change. We realize that yoga teachers and students have a felt-sense in their bodies of what it can be like to sit with discomfort and commit to a practice.



These workshops are for anyone who is interested in the intersection of yoga & social justice.


It is both for people who are already in the yoga community & also for folks who have had little exposure to yoga. 


Our programs attract yoga students, activists, yoga teachers, psychologists, dancers, and educators.

These workshops are for all levels of students.


We are committed to making our sessions accessible, trauma-informed, & effective for all levels of students.

What You Can Expect:

Collaborative, innovative, and participatory group work and conversation.

Intimate, deep, and thoughtful work in pairs/dyads.

Active listening exercises as tools to take with you after the workshop. 

Yoga, Breathwork and meditation to ground and center us.

Connection to earth and grounding in earth practices.

Sample Weekend Workshop:


Mindful Social Justice: Staying Connected Amidst the Overwhelm 

 Sitting With Discomfort – Unraveling Racism and Oppressive Systems as Healing Work

In order to move our material around racism, we must be able to sit with where it entered into our hearts and minds. This session blends “seated practice” with a deep inquiry around unraveling the unconscious patterning within us. We will build resilience as we undo the oppressive systems from the inside out. The work of unraveling racism is not just challenging work...when we start from where we really are, healing becomes more possible.

Staying Creative While Taking on the Impossible

We have found the tool of creativity is often frozen when taking on big challenges like racism. This session challenges us to lean on our creativity when holding the stories of people of color (people of the global majority). Our ancestors have taken on systems of oppression for generations through music, human connection, and a belief that racism must fall. These systems must be dismantled by empowering our communities to be creative in the middle of the impossibility of it all.

What Gets in the Way of Dismantling Racism?

This session explores the barriers within us and around us that keep us from showing up for racial justice. White people are often times afraid to show up “where they are” in fear of hurting People of Color. We aim to disrupt the idea that as a white person you can reach for POC and not cause any harm. Harm has already been caused and will continue to happen. Instead of shrinking back into white privilege, we invite folks to do the important work of staying connected. 

Yoga and Mindfulness to Anchor Us in this Work

This session aims to unravel the myth that we have to take on systems of oppression alone. Instead, we will anchor in community, practice, and mindfulness together. Deep listening is a way of remembering that we are not alone. When we are heard, it disrupts our loneliness, and when we listen, we disrupt other’s isolation. With deep listening in place in ourselves and our communities, this work becomes sustainable and healing.

What Is Our Approach?

We have found that starting on a human level is a vital way to effectively build bonds that will last a lifetime in this work.


Our approach in these workshops combines deeply honoring the healing power of yoga and disrupting the unconscious patterns of racism in our communities and individual selves.


One of the foundational blocks of Holistic Resistance is that we recognize that oppression affects people of color (people of the global majority) on all levels of life.  So we are drawn to practices that support all levels of life.



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