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Who is this for?


This workshop is a great introduction to Holistic Resistance work - we recommend it for every new community we work with, and as an ongoing intro workshop for our growing communities.

It is both for people who are already in social justice work, who have already attended racial justice workshops, and also for folks who have not had as much exposure to social justice yet.


It is especially for people who are nervous to join social justice work or who have felt harmed by social justice communities.

Our programs attract yoga students, activists, artists, therapists, dancers, educators, community organizers and small business owners, and many others.

We are committed to making our sessions accessible, trauma-informed, and effective for all levels of students.

What to Expect​ 

  • Deep connection and relating to people across identities about oppression and liberation

  • Exploring the power of questions to further ourselves and our communities in anti-racism

  • Being physical and in close proximity with others (consent-based; no intensive exercise, at max we will be doing light yoga stretches that will be made accessible for everyone in the room)

  • Expanding your ability to sit with discomfort

  • Using your voice in various ways to express and discharge emotions

  • Collaborative, innovative, and participatory group work and conversation.

  • Intimate, deep, and thoughtful work in pairs/dyads.

  • Learning to more deeply hold Black stories, pain, and resilience

  • Exploring the question together: what keeps white people from deeply connecting with Black people?


These workshops are geared towards white-identified people...if you identify as a Person of Color and want to attend, please reach out to us. 


What Is Our Approach?

We have found that starting on a human level is a vital way to effectively build bonds that will last a lifetime in this work.

Our approach in these workshops combines deep questions and witnessing with embodiment and trauma-honoring practices. We do not believe that shame and blame are effective strategies. Connection is at the core of everything that we do.

One of the foundational blocks of Holistic Resistance is that we recognize that oppression affects People of Color (People of the Global Majority) on all levels of life.  So we are drawn to practices that support all levels of life.

We are committed to making our sessions accessible, trauma-informed, and effective for everyone in the room. 

We invite white people to exercise resilience

and find the edge of themselves as they take on this new approach.

We are committed to questioning what is possible within our communities, activist spaces, and movements for change.  

to schedule a workshop, or check out our upcoming events to find a wokrshop near you.

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