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We are reaching out to all the Holistic Resistors and fund shifters to support 16 week programs for 8 People of Color that are in programs with Aaron. We really value the fact that Holistic Resistance tries really hard to not charge POC for receiving this kind of support. We are particularly inviting white folks who have benefitted from their work with Holistic Resistance to contribute. 

It’s a part of our reparations and lowering the emotional calorie burn by having POC not pay for this kind of support. These contributions will be critical for getting these folks that support they need. If you’ve been in a program with one of us you know how intimate and supportive this work can be. We invite you to notice ways that your life has shifted from a one-on-one program with us. 

The support they’re receiving ranges from mediation to holding grief to weekly support to in-person processing. 

Any amount is welcome. You can donate one-time, or if you’re able, we really appreciate you submitting at least a 4-month subscription to cover the same amount monthly for the duration of a support program. 


Please don't post on Facebook - but DO send people personal messages - to preserve dignity of BIPOC folx, and it also helps to be sincere, and generally results in more fundraising. Thank you for spreading the word!


If you can’t pay, no worries! Please send this on to trusted individuals. 



  • POC who do anti-racism work at many different intersections, including sexism, transphobia, fatphobia, and many others, who need support on the emotional toll this work takes, skillbuilding, and navigating the white organizations they are doing this work in

  • POC who have had the police called on them by bystanders

  • POC surviving emotional and sexual abuse by white organizations and are seeking repair and healing

  • POC Activist mothers



Funds to cover seven16-week programs and one 8-week program. Even though Aaron always offers a generous sliding scale, we are hoping to pay him $100/hour for each call. 

$12,000 total


If you would like to give beyond 4 months, THANK YOU! There definitely will be People of Color reaching out for support during these programs and after these programs are complete.


Enroll in a subscription to contribute monthly. Cancel anytime.

If every white person who has had a one-on-one program with a Holistic Resistance Facilitator is able to give $40/month, a small fraction of what they have paid for their own program, this would cover the expenses of these 8 programs for people of color!



Thank you for your support, and for being in community with us!