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Some of the most important activism we can do is to foster the next generation of anti-racist children.



Social Justice

Support Plan for Parents

6 week online group Zoom program

Tuesdays, 6-8 PM PST

March 7- April 11

We realize that parents are doing world-shaping work. 


Because of that responsibility, practicing closeness and vulnerability is a foundational block to this series.

Children’s education can play a critical role in ending racism and systemic oppression. This program is about asking questions of ourselves as parents and encouraging our children to ask questions of the world around them.

We will hold these questions:

When do I talk about race with my children? What do I say? Will I traumatize my child?

How do I create a culture of questions in my family?


How do I prepare the next generation of children to be anti-racist?


How can I be prepared to answer questions my children have, especially when they trigger me?

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Upcoming Zoom programs
6 week program
Tuesdays, 6-8 PM PST

March 7
March 14
March 21
March 28
April 4
April 11


This program is for parents. Each week we will hold questions or parenting scenarios together. 

Supporting each other as parents

It is easy for us to judge each other and ourselves as parents, to critique each other rather than build each other up...and in turn we critique ourselves. In this group we will offer a contradiction to the constant judgment that parents are under, and encourage parents to create and hone their own content for their children. We are here to think with you, not to criticize you.

Who is this program for?

 All parents of all backgrounds are welcome to attend. This space invites white people to process race out loud in ways that may impact People of Global Majority (People of Color or BIPOC). We will provide separate processing spaces in each session as needed for parents of Global Majority (PGM). We will also makes separate space as needed for white parents of PGM and mixed race kids, and white parents of white kids to work on the specific needs around parenting. 

Why integrate sex education? 

Sex education and anti-racism (for white parents) are two often ignored aspects of parenting, but are also the two areas that most likely will impact children of color in your child's present and future. When we connect over difficult topics like anti-racism in sex education for our children, it ripples out into other parts of our parenting plans, and benefits our anti-racism thinking for us and our family.


6 weeks, Tuesdays 6-8 PM on Zoom

Mixture of group work and paired work

Capped at 35 parents


Sliding scale: $900-$300

Email us for payment plans and accessibility needs.


Each program will be custom built for the parents present and for the current events, so may look different.

Week 1

What parts of my own awareness gaps around social justice and race am I handing down to my children or child?

Week 2

Is my child’s liberation another child’s oppression?  In particular, children of color that associate and go to school with my white child.

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