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Building Bonds that Dismantle Racism

Deep Dives are about connecting.

Having a small group can slow down how we see, hear, & reach for each other.


A deep dive lasts for 3-5 hours & has 2-8 participants, creating a small intimate environment where we can explore each person’s own learned stories & hurts around race & undoing racism.

Reaching for Blackness is about hearing our stories, feeling the story in our skin, in our voices, & in our tears.


It is also about you.


What experiences around holding Black stories do you bring to the room?

Of Black bodies? Of messing up or feeling awkward?

The purpose of a deep dive is to start a conversation that continues for a lifetime.

We invite you to begin here. 


Email Us for specific upcoming Deep Dives in your area, or to host a Deep Dive in your community. We customize topics around your community needs as well. 

Deep Dive Topics


  • Holding Black Stories

  • Reaching for Blackness & Queerness

  • Reaching for Blackness & Transness

  • Anxiety & Resilience in Social Justice Work

  • POC-only Deep Dive: Reaching for Each Other (led by Aaron & Porsha)

  • White People Reaching for White People (led by Jennie & Dylan) 

  • & more! 

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