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Turn It Up Now

Turn It Up Now is a lifelong mentorship program that mentors primarily African heritage children and young adults in giving them the support they need when it comes to their financial, emotional, and spiritual experiences.

We cultivate back-to-nature activities like earth building, raising ducks, chickens and other animals.

We honor human connection and being physically close as a part of our daily nourishment.

Turn It Up Now is aware that most African heritage folks are defined by their struggles and mistakes.

In Turn it up Now, we turn up their Greatness.


We don’t believe that we make young people great. We believe that they are already great - we just Dust off their Greatness and remind them daily how fantastic they are, and celebrate their greatness every possible moment.


Hence the name: Turn It Up Now. 

Chronically Under-touched Support Group 

We have taken on the important conversation of building conversation and building strategies

to support young Black people in understanding

how they’ve been hurt around being

chronically under-touched.


We realize this is a lifelong support group & the trauma we are navigating is often times 20 years in progress by the time folks access this type of support.


These young Black folks have proven themselves to

be resilient and resourceful in taking on the big responsibility of reclaiming their touch needs

and building touch plans

that fit their lives at their own pace

How You Can Get Involved

Support our programing by joining our Patreon

Your support directly off-sets the costs of our team of deep teachers that are working daily on the front lines of mentorship. 

Join us for behind the scenes content, livestreams, and live chat. 


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