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Economic Support for Black and Brown people surviving COVID-19 and beyond

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Oppression doesn't pause during a only ramps up.

The Reach Fund is organized by white folx in the Holistic Resistance network to provide emergency and supportive funds for People of Color impacted by coronavirus. 

Many people in our network were already on the brink of homelessness and under deep economic stress. For those of us experiencing increased money stress or fear right now, we are getting a glimpse of what living under the weight of financial racism daily might feel like in our bodies. Financial stress and housing instability leads to sicker bodies, more conflict in families and relationships, and other impacts. 

Holistic Resistance wants to interrupt the idea that Black and Brown people need to suffer disproportionately during COVID-19 and can actually thrive and focus on their bodies' health and their families' well-being. 


Donate anything you can - every amount makes a difference. 

How these funds will be used

Funds go directly to Aaron and Porsha, for them to disperse to People of Color in their community and the Holistic Resistance Network. It will also go towards funding the large-scale Grief to Action Camp to allow African Heritage people and POC to process the many murders of African Heritage people.

We are encouraging Aaron and Porsha to keep a portion of the funds as well to support the countless hours of free programming and support they offer to People of Color - all Holistic Resistance POC offerings and programs (Deep Dives, Facilitator Trainings, and one-on-one programs) have always been offered for free. Your donation will continue to uphold and support this model to continue, and will particularly have a lasting impact amidst this pandemic and beyond.

If you are a Person of Color right now in need of economic assistance, email us!

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Learn more by emailing us.

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