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"We desire to grieve at the pace of revolution...

not at the pace of media coverage."



It is clear that there is a significant amount of grief and rage that is being released by African Heritage people and people of oppressed identities. The Grief to Action Camp is a semi-mobile camp where African Heritage and other identified POC (People of Color) can come shelter in place and grieve with support. After these strong emotions are released, folks can notice the wisdom that comes out of grief and out of rage, especially while being held and supported by African Heritage people and other allies.


This is a large scale program and we are looking for large scale donations, though any donation of any amount is welcome. Donations will cover the Critical Needs and People Resources listed below as well as support the labor of creating this life-saving program.


Holistic Resistance desires to grieve and process trauma at the pace of resistance and revolution and not at the pace of media coverage. Therefore long-term support plans for mental and physical health are a critical step that participants will be invited to investigate during this residency at the Grief to Action Camp. The black body that has been in a carnage state for years needs rest and release so that we can strategize the resistance actions that are needed to dismantle systemic racism in our country.


We will be practicing Superadobe building, permaculture, poultry raising, farming, food forest and long-term food storage strategies. We desire to make the site self-sufficient, not needing the grid to sustain itself, through the use of solar panels and large water tanks.

The transformative ideas that are cultivated in the action think tank are not just thoughts, but  strategies to dismantle oppressive systems. We do not want the lack of access to needed resources to be the reason these essential ideas are not realized.

Solving systemic challenges means building a significant and sustainable network that can help with the implementation of the ideas developed in the action think tank. The focus of this “think tank” is to strategize and plan ideas that addresses insidious issues that affect African Heritage folks on multiple levels such as medical care, education, food acquisition, employment, and technology start ups; individual solutions to these problems have potential to be born in the action think tank.


  • 6 to 8 Lotus Tents to start sheltering in place to grieve.

  • Fenced area of 4 acres to protect the POC folks’ privacy and boundaries.

  • Security camera system. 

  • —Solar panels, water tanks, mobile showers, mobile restrooms to support the participants having very little need to leave the site and potentially get exposed during this pandemic. Solar panels will support light, refrigeration, and cooling systems for cooling the tents during the summer, and warmth during the cold nights of the Mojave desert.

  • Earth building materials for Super Adobe builds, including earth bags. 

  • BioChar to use in compost and other sustainable practices related to the food forest and permaculture. 

  • Greenhouse materials to harness the energy of the sun in the creation of sustainable food sources. 

  • Storage for the tents when they’re not being used in several wooden sheds.

  • Van/truck: The space will be mobile as the camp will be able to move if need be. For the ability to move, we need a van to transport people and supplies.



  • Holistic Resistance personnel that are capable of holding black stories.

  • Cooks to prepare food and nourishment that is restorative to the black and other POC identified participants.

  • Therapists and nurses to support the mental and physical health and maintenance of the participants that are grieving.

  • Professional and semi-professional cuddlers and touch specialists to hold the complexity of a touch plan for the participants in the landscape of a pandemic.

  • Gardeners and builders to build platforms, sheds, set up the tents and break them down, start the foundations of food forest and permaculture.

  • Volunteer drivers to pick people up from long and short distances and to transport them across the United States to participate in these platforms; in a pandemic era, flights may be a risk. 

  • Singers and sound makers to support participants with moving trauma through the body. 

  • Writers to add articles to document the wisdom that comes from these events.

  • Photographers, videographers, and editors to document and tell the stories of the black and Poc folks that are part of this experience.

How You Can Get Involved

Learn more by emailing us and support our program by donating.

Email us for other donation options or donate below. THANK YOU for this critical support!

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