We are holistically


Holistic Resistance was born years ago while Porsha Beed and Aaron Johnson were driving to school...


We were noticing all the different ways we were being oppressed. We were trying to make a list -  the medical field, our access to nourishing food, the judicial system, our touch needs, our access to the earth - and we realized it was everything. 


We must holistically resist.


we must holistically resist.

If we’re being holistically oppressed, then we

need to resist holistically. We have to resist in

every way we possibly can. 


At the risk of having too many hats, we are determined to take on where wrong is happening, and interrupt it. For example, being an active minimalist is how we resist. We opt out of classism and consumerism as much as we can. Also, preventable care and community care has played a massive role in how we resist. 


Through caring for ourselves and our community, we resist. Through getting our touch needs and earth needs met, we resist. Through building relationship and connection across identities, we resist. Through collaborating with activists and creating art, we resist.

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