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Earth Domes


Connecting to our Humanness

Earth is one of our primary teachers.

We look to the earth to ground ourselves in the work of undoing racism.


The earth was here before racism ever existed, and it will continue to be here long after racism has been eradicated. 

The earth returns us to a community of many living beings beyond just humans,

beings that we don’t have power-over or power-under, but learn to exist alongside.

The earth and its beings are a model for how we can live without white supremacy in our lives.

We like to keep one foot on the earth at all times when we are in this work,

by nurturing the earth, its creatures, and ourselves. 

Earth Domes and the EcoVillage are about:



working in community


closeness to Earth & eachother


building with materials from Earth


creating our own shelter


minimalism & respect

Embodying Our Values

All team members of Holistic Resistance practice their own concept of minimalism to

undo the idea that we need to invest in material goods & participate heavily in capitalism

in order to be seen as valuable or lovable in our communities.

Including The Youth

Aaron & Porsha live in Earth Domes & are building an Earth Dome EcoVillage

to create long-term, sustainable housing for their Black youth mentorship program, Turn It Up Now.

Donate to help build our Eco Village or contact us for Allyship Program info where you can deeply engrain this work into your life through earth building, closeness in community, and working to undo internalized racism in your body, heart, and mind. 

How You Can Get Involved

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