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  • TransLiterate. Tuesday, March 10, 5:30-9:30 PM. Capitol Hill."
    This workshop is geared towards cisgender people who want to deepen their understanding, care, and relationships with trans people. This is a workshop for folks newer to relating to trans people and tracking our trauma. Many of us want to demonstrate love and inclusivity towards trans and non-binary people, but don’t understand how to do so. This workshop uses relationship building, self-inquiry and reflection, and interactive activities to build embodied compassion, learn language and best practices to work towards a world inclusive of trans and genderqueer people. This workshop is relational. We aim to get to know each other and build trust as we dive into this important work. Through relationship building, questions, deep listening and storytelling, we will reflect on ways that our gendered society has affected all of us. We respect language: We talk about definitions relating to gender (as well as why those definitions keep changing), and how to create an inclusive experience for all genders from pronouns to micro-aggressions. Depending on time and what is most relevant for people in the room, we will go into systemic oppression of trans people, becoming aware of implicit bias, holding trans stories and trans pain, apologizing and acknowledging pain, and more. At the heart of this workshop move beyond getting stuck on definitions, pronouns, and “getting it right,” and instead we wrestle with how to get close to each other while asking deep questions. Expect groundedness, mindfulness, embodiment, storytelling, laughter, and heart connection to hold the space together, as we learn how to build authentic relationship and allyship with trans and non-binary people. People at many different levels of experience with gender will find helpful information here, but is only welcome to people who have loving intention towards trans people and want to learn more about supporting trans people. Cost is sliding scale $100-$350. We cap this workshop at 15 people. If you have access needs including payment plans, please contact us with what works for you - access is a priority for us. Venue is ADA compliant, low-scent but not scent free, and has a variety of seating options. Please bring a meal, snacks, water, and wear comfy clothes. We focus on an embodied approach that emphasizes moving at the pace of everyone in the room and tracking trauma stories in the room. REGISTER: Email and Venmo @DylanWilderQuinn or PayPal
  • Guest Facilitating Undoing Whiteness with Rainier Beach Yoga, 7-8:30 PM, Wednesday, March 11."
    We will be facilitating a mini-workshop as part of the ongoing Undoing Whiteness program with Rainier Beach Yoga. More info here!
  • TransIntimate: Getting Close to Trans People. Thursday March 12, 5:30-9:30 PM. Capitol Hill. "
    This Deep Dive is geared towards cisgender people who are already close or want to be closer to trans people, either in platonic or sexual relationship, and want to have a deeper understanding of our trauma stories and our specific needs. There is so much more than getting pronouns and definitions right when we are in close relationship with trans people. It is immense to be in partnership or close friends with a person who has to face oppression and fear of oppression every single day, yet there are very few places to get support and practice skillbuilding for these relationships. This is for you if: You identify as cisgender or a cis-privileged genderqueer person who does not have a trans experience You have close friends, lovers, or partners who are trans You are beginning to get close to a trans person and feel nervous about supporting them and hurting them. We will cover what is most present in the room for participants. Possibilities include: Holding and supporting trans pain Receiving and responding to feedback Tracking trans people in public Common trans trauma stories to think about in relationship How to ask questions thoughtfully Building Joy and Resilience in your relationship Sexual Intimacy Processing your own pain and getting support For people wanting a more basic introduction to transness first, we are hosting a TransLiterate workshop on Tuesday, March 17 on Capitol Hill, 5:30-9:30. You are welcome to come to both workshops. Contact for more information and to register. Cost is sliding scale $200-$500. Because this work is so sensitive and intimate, we cap this Deep Dive at 6 people. If you have access needs including payment plans, please contact us with what works for you - access is a priority for us. Venue is ADA compliant, low-scent but not scent free, and has a variety of seating options. Please bring a meal, snacks, water, and wear comfy clothes. We focus on an embodied approach that emphasizes moving at the pace of everyone in the room and tracking trauma stories in the room. REGISTER: Email and Venmo @DylanWilderQuinn or PayPal
  • Disrupting Our Whiteness Deep Dive: Judgment. Sunday March 15, 11 AM-4 PM. Capitol Hill. "
    We know what judgment does to other relationships, but we don’t often track that in our anti-racism conversations and communities. Expressing judgment does not generally keep white people in social justice work. If we are building connection for life around anti-racism, judgment cannot be at the root of our relationships. Questions we will explore: When do I jump to critique another white person? How do we tend to our own judgment when it comes up? How does our judgment impact People of Color? How am I trying to absolve myself of white guilt? What are more effective strategies in ending racism? ABOUT DISRUPTING OUR WHITENESS DEEP DIVES: A deep dive has a maximum of eight participants with a minimum of two individuals. This event is about connecting and building bonds that dismantle racism. Having a small group can slow down how we see, hear, and reach for each other. In Holistic Resistance, we offer programming that simultaneously reaches for Blackness and whiteness. Both are key components for white people who genuinely want to join the fight to end racism. We cannot reach for blackness without a deep understanding to our own relationship to other white people and our own internalized whiteness as we reach for this work. This deep dive is for white people, and will be led by white facilitators. Holistic Resistance believes there needs to be a place for white folx to be with each other and work on our material. does not erase your work with POC led leadership and movements. We should respect this process as a portion of the work, not the complete picture. White people working with accountability is an essential piece of not putting the burden exclusively on POC to help white folx unlearn our racism. This is one part of a larger series of workshops, creative work, and actions co-created with Aaron Johnson and Porsha Beed that focus on Black liberation called Holistic Resistance. For more information visit A deep dive lasts for five hours. Breaks will be taken as needed. Participants are welcome to bring snacks and a full meal if desired. Sliding scale for the event is from $250 to $650. Please contact for payment plans and access needs for you to attend. ACCESSIBILITY: Venue is on Capitol Hill and is ADA accessible, low scent but not scent free, and has various seating options. REGISTER: Email and Venmo @DylanWilderQuinn or PayPal
  • In-person Meet-ups
    Schedule consults with one or both of us while we are in town! We'd love to get close to you in-person. Email or text us - Jennie 510-853-1486 and Dylan 360-857-0893.

Dylan Wilder Quinn (they/he/she)

looks to connect deeply with everyone who wants to create a world based in justice and connection that we know is possible. They run trans mentorship programs and groups that focus on building resilience, connection, and self-determination in trans individuals, but have found that advocating for trans people to cisgender people is a critical part of this work.  Dylan's combination of life experiences as a childhood abuse survivor and holding both oppressed (trans, nonbinary, disabled, poor, socialized female, living with PTSD) and oppressor identities (white, masculine-perceived) informs their liberation work with people across many different identities, focusing first on trauma healing, surviving, and thriving. They believe that shame and blame are not helpful strategies to grow social justice movements, and that connection and closeness are necessary to see oppression crumble. 

Jennie Pearl (she/her)

is an anti-oppression facilitator, yoga teacher, and bodyworker. She is committed to bridging the gap between social justice and healing work. Through deep inquiry and presence, Jennie is continually curious about how folx who hold privileged identities can begin to actually hold more complexity. She works with other cisgender people and white folx to build resilency and community. She’s dedicated to reimagining a world where we see each other’s humanity, repair when we cause harm, and build skills for long-term connection. She founded and facilitates Wake Up: a group for white-identified people who want to unlearn their racism, unpack their privilege, and untangle white supremacy from the inside out. She believes deep, inner work is a necessary, yet often overlooked aspect of the work we need to engage in order to dismantle overwhelming systems of oppression. 

Dylan and Jennie are part of a larger team called Holistic Resistance - see more at

about any of these events, to learn about upcoming events, or to schedule an upcoming event of your own. 

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