January 16-November 13, 2022

Build the wisdom of Holistic Resistance into your anti-racism work in your community.

Become a Holistic Resistance facilitator.


Learn how to ask your own questions, organize your own events, emphasize song and embodiment, and facilitate in a way that disrupts racism rather than adds to it.


Build your capacity and resilience for asking difficult questions. Build relationship around anti-racism for life. 


We will use Zoom video calls, in-person gatherings, and one-on-one phone calls to further our thinking, leadership, and community resilience around this work.









How do we build connection with everyone in the room?


How do we care for our own triggers when reaching for people?

How do we care for the trauma of other people in the room?


What questions do you ask? 

How do you navigate difference and conflict in the room? 

How do you notice and name whiteness in the room when it’s the water you’re swimming in, too? 

How do you integrate music, earth, and embodiment into your work?

How do you work with a variety of talented people in a variety of locations?

How do you do a deep reach with a co-facilitator?


How do you track your own greatness in relationship to another facilitator and their greatness?



Who gets people to your events? Is it you?


How do you build relationships with organizers and hosts?

How do you build up a network of support for yourself before, during, and after the event?


  • WEEKLY VIDEO CALLS: Sunday evening Zoom group calls, 2 hours long, half of them facilitated by Porsha and Aaron, half facilitated by Jennie and Dylan (22 2-hour workshops total). These will all be recorded. 

    • FIRST CALL: April 11, ​4-6, 5-7 PM, or 6-8 PM (depending on group preference)

    • Through September 26, with two weeks off to integrate (TBD)

  • 1-ON-1 PHONE CALLS: 2 hours customized phone consultations with each of the facilitators to work on the material from the training or your own facilitation programs

  • LANDING THE SHIP MONTH: October 2021 is a month for make-up calls and follow ups

  • PRACTICE Facilitation space: Build your facilitator muscles with various co-facilitators in a Wake Up white caucus space that is supported by peers; receive feedback and emotionally support each other as you build community, hone your questions, and practice holding space

  • IN-PERSON INTENSIVES: Because of coronavirus we are putting off in-person intensives for now, though likely we will create an in-person gathering in the High Desert where Aaron and Porsha live and/or in the Pacific Northwest if it becomes safe to do so.

  • ASSIST Holistic Resistance workshops and deep dives: Depending on what Holistic resistance is up to during and after the training, there may be an opportunity to assist Aaron, Porsha, Jennie and Dylan in their programming including a chance to co-faciltiate in these spaces. 


We would like you to have attended at least one of these events before considering participating: deep dives, 16 week 1-on-1 program, Disrupting Our Whiteness, or organizing a weekend of Holistic Resistance events with us. 

for additional info, including short application,

pricing, and to see if this is a good fit for you.