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January 16-November 6, 2022

Learn how to ask your own questions, organize your own events, emphasize song and embodiment, and facilitate in a way that disrupts racism rather than adds to it.


Build your capacity and resilience for asking difficult questions. Build relationship around anti-racism for life. 


Thank you for reaching for us in this work! Check out details below and email us with any questions. 

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Choose the parts that work for you. We invite every facilitator who is hoping to work with Holistic Resistance to take all three parts to build relationship with us. The reason why we invite you to pick and choose is that it can be custom to each individual. For us to really be able to drop into co-leadership, we know we need a comprehensive whole narrative to work within Holistic Resistance workshops and to build relationship with you as you build your capacity for this work. 


Overview of anti-racist facilitation: Build your capacity to have, hold, and track racial justice and liberation conversations in your communities. 

  • How do you track your own trauma stories and emotional defenses while faciliating racialized conversations?

  • What are your community's trauma stories and emotional defenses around race? 

  • How to track a room and pace conversations around race?

  • How do you birth questions, how do you birth questions for more questions, and encourage community to practice scratch counseling?

  • Build a strong network of folks around you that you can facilitate with for years to come.

  • Start the impossible task of finding a co-facilitator to lead with.


January 16th - April 10th

NO MEETING March 13th



Digging deep into what our programs actually look like. Build your own capacity to dive deep into having and facilitating these conversations. This is a mentored and supported space for you to practice specific programming and designing your own programs, for example:


One-on-one programs

Workshops - intros, sharing your own stories and asking questions, holding people's answers and growth

Consulting clients - How would you build a plan for them? What questions would you ask? Moving at their pace while taking care of your own energy

Caucus spaces

Parenting programs


Facilitating intersectional themes: for example race and gender, race and queerness, race and disability, race and class


May 1st - July 24th

NO MEETING June 19th




Deep holding is a intensive deep dive into being a frontline-working, deep activist in African Heritage and People of Global Majority (POC) spaces. Hoping to build on all the things we’ve worked on thus far to really allow folks to step into village, into support, into activism work in Holistic Resistance and beyond.


Focusng on chronic undertouch, focusing on having real time with African Heritage folks and People of Global Majority (People of Color) in person in time, and also experience earth building, fund transfer, animal tending, and activism. 


August 14 - November 6

NO MEETING September 18 


  • WEEKLY VIDEO CALLS: Sunday evening Zoom group calls, 4-6 PM PST. These will all be recorded. ​

  • 1-ON-1 PHONE CALLS: One customized phone consultations with each of the facilitators to work on the material from the training or your own facilitation program

  • PRACTICE Facilitation space: Build your facilitator muscles with various co-facilitators in a Wake Up white caucus space that is supported by peers; receive feedback and emotionally support each other as you build community, hone your questions, and practice holding space

  • ASSIST Holistic Resistance workshops and deep dives: Depending on what Holistic resistance is up to during and after the training, there may be an opportunity to assist Aaron, Porsha, Jennie and Dylan in their programming including a chance to co-faciltiate in these spaces. 


We would like you to have attended at least one of these events before considering participating: deep dives, 16 week 1-on-1 program, Disrupting Our Whiteness, or organizing a weekend of Holistic Resistance events with us. 


  • For any ONE of the parts of the program (3 months): $4,200

  • For any TWO of the parts of the program (6 months): $8,000

  • For any THREE of the parts of the program (9 months): $11,000

We can be flexible with payment plans. Please email us



We prefer a group Marco Polo for video, but you can also send voice or video through Facebook Messenger or Text or Google Drive. For the written portion, use Facebook Messenger to all of us as a group, or text all of us or email If video or audio aren't available to you, use written format for everything. 

Please send all application materials to Aaron, Jennie, and Dylan or to If you need our phone numbers, please email us


Written: Send us in one paragraph (or poem, or written format that you choose). 

1. What is your vision for this work? What do you want to do with the skills and practice you gain from the Facilitator Training program?

2. What parts would you like to attend? (Part One: Foundations, Part Two: Putting it into Action, and/or Part Three: Deep Holding)

3. What is your price point and a payment plan that works well for you? (Please include your total amount you can afford and installments you anticipate paying in)

Voice or Video: As a facilitator, you will be publicly speaking, and creating your own content of podcasts and videos, and building the muscle of getting more clear about what you're sharing. We don't need you to be perfect, but we want to know where you're starting from. We want your authentic voice. Read the question, don’t think about it, hit record, and answer each question for a maximum of 5 minutes each (10 minutes total). There is no right way to do this - screaming, crying, yelling about the question is all appropriate. 


1. How do you navigate your own trauma and overwhelm when you’ve committed to a longer program like this? How do you relate to other people when you’re in trauma and overwhelm?

2. How do you build connection with other people in anti-racism work when they trigger you? Specifically, how do you build connection in anti-racism work with other white people, and how do you build connection with People of Color, when they trigger you?


***Anti-racism and anti-oppression work is trauma work. It will rub up against our own personal traumas. For example, it is impossible to entirely separate sexual trauma, exploitation, and domination of black bodies from the unraveling our racism in America. In this program, we aim to meet you where you are in tracking your own trauma and encourage you to let us know of any trauma points you may be particularly sensitive to. ***

for additional info, questions, and to see if this is a good fit for you.

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