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February 15 | 2021


Sometimes we need to be in action before tending to the grief.

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A young man in Aaron and Porsha's Deep Mentorship Program recently heard the news that his two best friends had been shot. One friend is still in critical condition in the hospital, one friend is dead unfortunately. February 15, 2021 marks the memorial of this young man. 

Aaron and Porsha mentor for life, and have committed to getting their mentee safe shelter out of danger of being killed, and to be with their mentee in the process of rebuilding his life and helping him process this trauma.  

While the Grief to Action Camp is still being built, we are now in the live version. We are acting now and creating a safe space for this young man to live and grieve. We are looking for immediate support to buy a small RV for this young man along with support systems for his healing and life rebuild.

This is the first time we have reached out for public support for a Deep Reach like this. Typically this is the work that Holistic Resistance, specifically Aaron and Porsha, does under the radar by ourselves without being witnessed, and has been doing for years. Our community has grown now and we not only need the support but the support for our POC reaches helps us be more sustainable for all of the other work we do. We feel like we now have capacity as a community to support a Deep Reach like this.

Anything you can give is critical.


Thank you for your support in holding this young man's story and future with us. 

Breakdown of Critical Needs:

​Short term:

  • Small RV to provide quarantined shelter experience for mentee, that is also at a safe location ($13,000)

  • Emergency trauma counseling and support for Foundation Team ($2,000)

  • Solar panel system that can support RV since church electrical grid cannot ($4,500)


Long term:

  • POC therapists and body workers to hold and process his trauma for one year (~$5600)

  • Therapists and body workers to support Foundation Team (~$5600)

  • Second RV for additional emergency support and for hosting support team (~$13,000)

  • Recording equipment for mentee to set up business (~$4500)




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