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Knowing us Deeper than our Pronouns


What does it mean to hold a trans or nonbinary person's pain? What do trans people navigate in cisgender spaces that I don't know about? What does cisgender mean, anyways? (And is it a slur?) How do I respond to harm caused? How do I create a business that is supportive of trans and nonbinary people?


  • Parents and Family

  • Businesses

  • Sexual or romantic partners

  • Friends and loved ones

Programs can look like:

  • 1-on-1 coaching

  • 2-on-1 coaching (support from both a trans nonbinary person and a cisgender person)

  • Online course

  • Workshop series for your organization or community

  • Accesible Mentorship for trans individuals

  • Mediation and conflict support

What is in a program?

Courses include terms and definitions, but there is so much more to knowing us than pronouns and bathrooms. We will connect around the specific issues you are coming to me with, as well as ones that feel relevant to work with.

We will be with questions like:

  • When do I bring gender up with a trans person?

  • What questions do I ask of myself and of a trans person before I engage sexually with them?

  • What can I do in my business not only to reduce harm, but to create positive experiences for trans and nonbinary people?

  • How is my child's experience of their body different than mine? How can I find the balance of supporting them in their gender exploration and pacing them in their journey?

  • And your own questions - you are invited in this space to ask any questions you may have about gender, including ones that you may be concerned are inappropriate, harmful, or "stupid."

It is rare that transgender and cisgender people get together to connect around these issues and try to hear each others' stories. While these topics can be challenging, we work at your own pace and from a place of relationship. Tracking your own hurts and trauma stories is an essential part of understanding and supporting trans people. We will build connection in a way that notices your own story around gender and relationship as well. You get to show up in this space. 

Race is a critical part of this gender discussion.

  • What do trans and nonbinary People of Color navigate with their intersecting identities?

  • What is your plan for when a cisgender Latino man says something transphobic in your organization?

  • What is your plan for when a white nonbinary person gets triggered by a Black person's transphobia in your community?

  • How can we create organizations that are welcoming of all LGBTQ and POC folks? Is that possible?

  • How does white supremacy culture play into gender roles and norms? How does it create violence against trans and nonbinary people?


We will build capacity to hold deeper and deeper complexity.

TransIntimate Online Course

TransIntimate will soon be released! It is an upcoming part-online course, part-mini podcast series, part-live zoom workshop based on getting to know trans people deeper than definitions of gender (and yes, you'll get access to those basic definitions, too). There's so much more to us than "I'm a man" or "I'm a woman" or "I'm nonbinary." Join me on this journey of hearing and understanding us more deeply.

You get to decide what you participate in and how deep you go.

Learn to care for and be with some of our deeper issues beyond pronouns and bathrooms:

  • Shelter and economics

  • isolation and belonging 

  • gender dysphoria and euphoria - what does it feel like to be in the body of a trans person?

  • sexual connection and touch

  • navigating racism and transphobia

  • medical and government systems

  • violence and incarceration

Subscribe below to hear when TransIntimate online course and podcast series is launched, or send us an email to ask questions or schedule a program.

Intro to TransIntimate course here:

TransIntimate IntroDylan Wilder Quinn
00:00 / 19:34

Another sample of TransIntimate. The first section is TransLiterate, all about going deeper into definitions through stories and embodiment: 

PronounsDylan Wilder Quinn
00:00 / 27:51

with questions and to schedule a workshop or program.

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