Sex Ed and Social Justice

Support Plan for Parents

12 to 17 week program by phone or in person 

Parenting is one of the most important types of activism we do, right in our living rooms, raising children. Children’s education can play a critical role in ending racism and systemic oppression. This Deep Dive is about asking questions of ourselves as parents and encouraging our children to ask questions of the world around them.

We will wrestle with the questions:

When do I talk about race with my children? What do I say? Will I traumatize my child?

How do I create my own questions for myself, my partners or community, and my children around this critical topic?

How do I prepare the next generation of white children to be anti-racist?

How can we talk about touch, consent, and sexual education with our children in a way that includes race?

Holistic Resistance Parent Support Phone and In-Person Program

The following series of questions are to be taught one question per week with a teacher guide to help slow down some of the complexities that may come up in teaching your child sex education and social justice awareness. This is just the beginning of the journey...each question has potentially 20 questions additionally that could come up as we unpack each question each week.

Why sex education? Sex education and anti-racism are two often ignored aspects of parenting for white parents, but are also the two areas that most likely will impact children of color in your child's present and future. When we connect over difficult topics like anti-racism in sex education for our children, it ripples out into other parts of our parenting plans, and benefits our anti-racism thinking for us and our family.


Week 1

What parts of my own blind spots around social justice and race am I handing down to my children or child?

Week 2

Is my child’s liberation another child’s oppression?  In particular, children of color that associate and go to school with my white child.

Week 12

How do you teach your child about touch and consent? How could this teaching impact African heritage children that don’t have the same amount of autonomy that your child may have presently or in the future?

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