Aaron Johnson is an earth builder, teacher of closeness, and activist. He graduated from the California Institute of the Arts in 2007 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He has made a lifelong commitment to use the skills he possesses to end racism. In addition to using intimacy and closeness to blackness as a primary means to that end, the tools he frequently uses are speaking, teaching, singing, photography, filmmaking, and minimalism. Aaron leads a mentoring program called Turn It Up Now that focuses on elevating the power, talent, love, and work ethic of youth. He believes that deep connection is one of the most powerful tools one can use in dismantling racism.




Porsha Beed is an intimate activist and mentor who specializes in teaching young people and adults about the importance of deep human connection, holistic resistance, and the importance of self-love and resiliency. She is passionate about dismantling racism and oppression. As an earth builder and integrator of race, she strives to build a lifelong community to end racism. Her love for the Earth and for intentional community is the nest in which Porsha has chosen to fight systems of oppression.


Jennie Pearl

Jennie Pearl (she/her) is a facilitator, yoga teacher, and bodyworker who leads from emotion and embodiment in liberation work. She is committed to bridging the gap between racial justice and healing work. She founded and facilitates Wake Up: a group for white-identified people who want to unlearn their racism and white supremacy culture from the inside out. She believes cultivating ongoing anti-racist relationships is a necessary aspect of the work white people must do in order to dismantle racism.


Dylan Wilder Quinn

Dylan Wilder Quinn (they/he) believes closeness is necessary to dismantle oppression. Their balance of life experiences as a childhood abuse survivor and holding both oppressed (trans, queer, nonbinary, living with PTSD and chronic pain) and oppressor (white, masculine) identities drives their empathy for others, and they have committed to social justice for their life. They work with others to hold more complexity about the world and people around them. They are passionate about mentoring trans and queer people, teaching about gender and sexuality, and reaching for community with fellow white people who care about dismantling our racism. They are building a world with others that moves beyond shame and judgment and lifts each other up to grow and continue in this work.